Be thankful for the contrastScream out your gratitude ?this is one of the best ways to move your energy in the direction you want it to go. Thank you for this cold wind. It clears up the air and it reminds me how much I love a light breeze instead.

Be Thankful for the Contrast – Scream out Your Gratitude

Sometimes you have to feel the rain in order to appreciate the sun.

Maintain an Ongoing List of Your Blessings

Keep a journal of all the wonderful things that happen to you.  Maintain it and read it on a regularly basis to put yourself in a state of gratitude.

Meditate Daily & Reset Your Vibe, Perspective of Determination

Meditating has the power to clear your mind, to bring you peace.

Spread Happiness with a Smile, Kind Words or Helpful Action

Daily Chores is an Opportunity for a Gratitude Rampage

Add “Get’ to the Begining of Any Statement  As a Reminder of the Privilege of the Experience.

Yet added to the end of any sentence, Makes ALL things possible.

Let Your Glass Fill with Gratitude & Love

Set the Mood to Happy Before Getting Out of Bed

Find the Magic in the Moment

Daily chores is an opportunity for a gratitude rampage.

End of the Night:  Forgive, learn and be thankful for your mistakes.

Everyday Go Outside & Be One with Nature.  Express your love, gratitude & be at peace.

Always find time to do things that make you feel good.

Complete your own Gratitude Tip

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