Welcome To This Reiki Music / 528 Hz Healing Frequency Meditation Music Session. 528 Hz is known as the love frequency and also the Miracle Tone. It is said to heal DNA and elevate consciousness, cleanse disharmonic energies and infuse the body and mind into a state of harmonic resonance where manifesting positive thoughts, ideas and dreams comes more naturally. It works wonders for soothing, relaxation, and healing effects. Below are some more benefits:

Some 528 Hz Solfeggio Healing Frequency Benefits:

Reduces Stress and cortisol in our body.
Heals the Solar plexus Chakra
Can be used for manifesting thoughts into reality.
Emotional Stability.
Aura Cleansing
Said to promote DNA repair and transformation

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The eye-opening powers of healing and spiritual practices like meditation are undeniable. The proof is everywhere. Meditation can change your life and your perception of reality. You can literally harness power from within and destroy self-limiting beliefs and views that hold you back from living fully.

You have the ability to bend reality. You are a creator, you can manifest the reality you want to live with an abundance mindset.

This channel was created to inspire more people to get in touch with the power and love that lives within them, that lives within you. The nature and beauty that resides within need to be unchained, liberated, awakened. We do our best to inspire you to get in touch with that place within yourself.

Welcome to our channel. YOU are part of the Awakening Planet

In general, we really want to inspire you and to spread some positive energy, and help our world community let go of all their baggage and suffering, and accept that love is the way. If your life is hard right now, then today is your opportunity to make a conscious positive shift and plan your master plan on how to live life in resonance and harmony with nature, love, creation.

Share something you can be grateful for in the comment section,
we’d appreciate that a lot, everyone reading will be inspired on some level.

– The Awakening Planet