7 Meditation tips for beginners. How to meditate for beginners.

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7 Meditation tips for Beginners:
1. Meditate at the same time and same place
2. Meditate consistently by starting small
3. Make yourself comfortable while meditating
4. Find a meditation technique that works for you
5. Use meditation tools/resources
6. Switch things up to cultivate your meditation practice
7. Make meditation a way of life by staying aware

Meditation is a daily practice that has helped me cultivate more peace and presence in my life, but it took me a couple of years before I was able to make it a daily habit. Over the years, I practiced many meditation techniques. If you’re a beginner to meditation, I hope my mediation tips and tricks help and guide you in your journey to establish a daily mediation practice and meditate consistently. Meditation is a mindfulness practice and the ultimate goal is to make it a way of life. There’s no better place to be than to be present. Right here, right now. Sending you so much love

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