Why I put this blog together…

Back in 2010 I was introduced to “The Secret”  remember the wave of manifesting  and how the DVD spread?  Then there was the Power of Intention and the Power of Now.  Each one got more indepth and a bit more confusing and frustrating because things were not happening for me.

Even though things were not ‘happening’ as I had intended, my path has always been a valuable lesson that has always lead me to the right place and at the right time.  Doesn’t always mean my time but it happened.  Since this blog was started in 2010, I have learned so much and one thing I do believe in is that we are made of vibrational energy and vibrational energy attracts similar energy, like a magnet.  There are things like crystals, flowers, sounds, food, planets, nature and so many more that create an energy that can change our vibrations our energy.  Example, like a flower, smelling a flower or seeing a flower and it can change your mood.  It is more then superficial there is a dynamic that is happening where the flower’s energy and your energy are syncing or interacting with each other.

The human body has 5 senses, some say 6, and each of those senses can be effected by the energy it encounters.  This is actually a whole other article.  So in the meantime, the reason for this blog is to share my explorations.  Lately essential oils have been huge on my mind so I plan to share quite a bit of information about it.  I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

Smile + Abundance,



Memory lane

Left this here as a walk down memory lane.  This is what I had written when I first started the blog in 2010.

Everyone is talking about it.
Everyone wants to do it.
Everyone is working on it.
Yet it is not quite working like it is suppose to.  What is going on?

I feel the same way.  I already believe in the power of positive affirmations, the power of the mind!  I believe the basics of everything on earth is energy, we are all connected.  I have soaked in all the information “The Secret” has to offer.  It has taken me some time to realize that The Secret is merely an INTRODUCTORY course to creating the life you want, to manifesting what you want.  It is only an overview of one component of the process to successfully manifest your goal.

I am a student of life.  I created this site to  share what I have found, what I believe to be the process to successfully attract/manifest the life you have imagined.  I have studied extensively about this subject and continue to look for more information.  I’ve talked to numerous people, explored, reviewed, and experimented with countless, products and methods.  This is what I found.  They all work!!!  Here is the key, what some refer to as “The Secret Behind the Secret”.

It is a matter of finding the correct product/therapies/etc that work for you in each of the steps so you can attract the life you want!  Think about it.  Everyone is different.  We have different issues, experiences, learning styles.  This  means that there is more than one route to your WEALTH or PERFECT JOB or RELATIONSHIP!

There are many names, steps, processes.  Here is my recipe:

  • Set up the intentions
  • Clearing
  • Manifest

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