The Process aka The Secret Combination

These are my three steps to creating abundance, not just money wealth, but also physical, emotional, mental, relationships and spiritual health.  These steps are the combination to unlock your unlimited life.

Setting Intentions and Clearing work hand in hand;

Some might want to get resolve their junk (limiting beliefs, issues, whatever you want to call it) first.  Then set their intentions based on the things that emerge.

Others might know what they will focus on manifesting.  This leads them to resolve and release issues that limits them or holds them back.

As the two steps above are occurring, recognize we are ALREADY manifesting.  We are manifesting our resolution of issues and beliefs.  Manifesting our emotional health that allows us to manifest the future we have imagined.

Manifesting has been exposed a lot lately, via The Secret, Oprah Winfrey, etc, etc.  Manifesting is basically sending your goals, intentions out into the universe and trusting and knowing it will appear in your life.

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Smile+Abundance, Sylvia