Clearing is removing, eliminating, and releasing negative things in your life. This allows space for positive things. It allows optimal use of your forward energy to attract the things you envision.

Many alternative philosophies believe in the need to create space ito attract new and positive energy. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of positioning objects to create a harmonious environment, also believes it is important to clear clutter. Clearing clutter results in open spaces that invite new and positive energy to one’s home. At the same time, it harmonizes the environment.

Imagine your body is a house. It is filled with items and furnishing, a symbol of the negative and positive issue, events, beliefs, from the past. It is hard to bring new stuff in when there is no space!

In addition, a cluttered house is overwhelming, meaning if you are filled with to many negative emotions it is hard at times to move forward, much less see possibilities for the future.

So how do you clear yourself? There are numerous ways, each one of us is unique so we all must find what resonates with each of us. Following are some ideas and products that can aid you in your clearing process.

* therapist
* crystals
* meditations
* chanting
* talking
* writing / journaling
* self help tapes
* massages
* videos
* affirmations