There are countless sources and gurus teaching and sharing this amazing process. Some of them are:
The Secret
Abraham Hicks
Joe Vitale
Bob Procter
Wayne Dyer
and the list continues…

But what is Manifesting? How does it happen? At the simplest level of explanation it is:

Thinking about something and it comes into your life

The concept and act of manifesting is weaved into our society.  Some are more noticeable then others.  Here are a few examples:

Emotional context:  Having a Dream and Making it Happen
Business context:  Having a Goal (seeing the big picture).  Plotting the course – Breaking up the big picture into manageable pieces and setting timelines.  Setting milestones and action steps for each of these pieces.
Spiritually:  Connecting with the universe and letting it come to you.

The basic formula manifesting is based on is:
1.  Visualizing the goal
2.  Seeing and feeling the goal as if it is happening now
3.  Being grateful for it

I have read numerous books.  They are all wonderful.  They have helped me to develope these techniques that work for me.  They are no different than a doctor giving you medication based on how your body responds.   I have my favorites and I continue to read and look for others.

My Blog goes into the nuances and provides real life examples on this subject.

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