Setting an intention is two fold. It is both easy and difficult. It is easy if you know what you want, not so easy if you don’t know what you want. It is easy if you know how to formulate your intention into the written or spoken word, not so much if your intention is clouded.

Imagine being granted a wish by a Genie. A genie can be mischievous, interpret things broadly and cause havoc if the intention set forth is not clear.

So here is a formula:

Identify what you want – be specific. Sometimes it is easier to realize what you don’t want. That is what I call “Turn that frown upside down!” Here is an example: My job sucks. I hate my job. Don’t just say “I want a new job” or “I don’t want my job anymore.” This leaves way to much room for good and bad interpetation. You could be laid off and also end up in another job you don’t want – umm not exactly what you were thinking. Right?

It has happened. I have a friend who no longer wanted to be in her department. She manifested her intention and got exactly what she asked. She ended up getting laid off. That may sound bad to some of you. But good thing for her, she added this part as part of her SPECIFIC intention…”for the best and highest good of my soul path, career and family.” Three months after she was laid off, she got a even better job. This leads me to the next step.

At the end of you intention considering adding a disclaimer or an all encompassing phrase. Here are three:
1. “for the best and highest good”
2. “this or something better”
3. “Best for my soul, for my family, for my career, health, relationship”

You get the idea?

Here are a couple of examples:

Open for interpertation: “I want a new job.”
More specific: “I am grateful for my new job that moves me further up my career path and provides me with a salary in the 80K range.”

Open for interpetation: “I want a boyfriend.”
Specific “I am grateful for a relationship with a man, who loves me, respects me, and treats me like gold”

Sometimes it can be as simple as:
“I am grateful for __________ I have and the great __________ I continue to receive”

Okay now your intention is set up. Here are a couple of mine (and I have numerous ones):

“I don’t know how, I will be driving a G55 or better.” “I only know I do now and I am grateful.”

“I am grateful to the universe for the abundance I have and the abundance I continue to receive”

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