Alchemy Meditations – Pineal Gland Activation Course – Fully Activate Your Third Eye/Pineal Gland In 14 Days Or Less

Have you seen ShaktipatSeer, or others such as David Wilcock, Joe Rogan, or David Icke talking about the power of the pineal gland on the internet?

Once you purchase the course you will be immediately able to access all the content that is instantly downloadable in high quality video and mp3 formats. There is a detailed manual in pdf format that will instruct you on exactly how to use this course step by step.

Use this TRUSTED, time-tested method which has been preserved in the Ancient Traditions, and brought back to life by the living realization of ShaktipatSeer, who first received Diksha from an unseen source in February of 2008 while in deep meditation.

P.S You will get full support in the members area with our special Q+A forum so that you can speak directly to ShaktipatSeer and receive guidance from one of the world’s foremost authorities on the pineal gland.

P.P.S For a one time payment of $47, you can receive the life transforming benefits of meditation and the activation of your third eye chakra backed by a full money back guarantee. There is simply no risk, just try it and see!

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