This is a very powerful exercise given by prominent Qabalist Israel Regardie as a method for visualizing and stimulating each Chakra individually.

Included in this exercise are images/sigils custom made on photoshop to add intensity to the exercise by tying it to a prefabricated symbol of the powers of the Chakra.. Check this out!!

Since the dawn of civilisation, mankind has used music as an integral part of celebration and ceremony. From the very first beat of a shamans drum, rhythm has always been a core component. Like the ebb and flow of the waves on a shore, the harmonious orbits of the spheres in our solar system to our own circadian cycle of sleep and wake, the ancients new the importance of keeping a rhythm flowing through their culture.

Music is a powerful medium for feeling the energy of rhythm through dance and movement. I have produced a trance inducing dance mix of carefully selected tracks to help shift your energy states from low frequencies to higher frequencies of love, peace and joy.

Track 1: Shiva’s Dance Induction with  528 Hz Love Frequency – To initiate you into a state of singularity and oneness connection with the unified field of infinite love.

Track 2: Ascension Portal Trance Induction with Meditation In Fractal Verse – 741 Hz Ascension Frequency will open your third eye chakra to prepare your consciousness for ascension.

Track 3: Celestial Astral Projection Trance – you will now feel your energy raise to a higher level where your mind and spirit will begin to float in the astral plane. Enjoy this journey as you swim with the cosmic dolphins and dance to the music of the spheres.

Track 4: Cosmic Voyage – you will now begin your journey across the galaxies, through the stars and feel a immediate oneness with all the magnificence of creation.

Track 5: Celebration + Union – it is now time to feel immensely grateful from the very deepest part of your soul for all the wonders and privileges you enjoy in your present lifetime. By celebrating this feeling of gratitude, the universal bank of spirit consciousness will prepare to send you renewed energy to manifest your dreams and desires.

Track 6: Actualisation, Visualisation and Manifestation with Pineal Gland Activation – in this state you must concentrate and visualise your desires and dreams. Your pineal gland, third eye chakra, seat of the soul is a receptor for cosmic energy. What you focus on now will begin to manifest as creative thoughts and ideas.

Track 7:Â…

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