Financial abundance. Why is it so hard to manifest it for some? For some there are underlying and subconscious issues and beliefs that prevent us from attracting financial abundance. In this post I will just keep short what it is. The fear of success and the fear of failure are two reason that block our attracting financial abundance.

Keeping this post short so here are some beliefs that block success:

  1. People won’t like you anymore.
  2. Others will think you are selfish.
  3. Friend and family can not relate to you anymore.
  4. Being successful requires a lot of work meaning it might take you away from doing the things you love or the people you love.
  5. If you are successful then you take abundance away from others.
  6. You are not worthy.
  7. If you are successful and you fail then others will laugh at you.
  8. You have to be poor to be a good person.
  9. If your are financially abundant will you be able to stay level-headed.
  10. You success will mean more money which might result in friends and family wanting a piece of it.  Problems you don’t want.

Some of these beliefs are conscious and some are subconscious.  Regardless, they limit or block abundance coming forth into your life.  Limiting beliefs on abundance need to be cleared, resolved, dissolved to allow abundance to flow effortlessly into your life.

As of now my favorite releasing techniques is EFT.  I combine it with Ho oponopono, and listening to the physical aches and pains of my body.

Smile+Abundance, Sylvia