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Acabo de descubrir esta tecnica hawaiana de autosanación llamada Hooponopono. Me siento muy contenta y Y quiero compartirla con todos. Y es que…es genial!

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Ho’oponopono Este podcast te brinda información acerca de como trabajar para sanar tu vida a través de la técnica de Ho´oponopono, mayor informa…

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Insta Inspiration

Can you showup like this?
What would your three #hobbies?

My list:
1.  Create a bunch of income producing online properties
2.  #Hiking
3.  #Photography
who agrees?
who is ready for #showandtell ?
💙 if you love having #crzy #friends
💙 Hit if everyday should feel like a #friday
Take the #risk

#shootforthestars lovlies
💜 if you agree coffee is required EVERYDAY
stop the #excuses and move forward love💜
The #mind replays what the heart can't delete... 
It's ok if whatever or whoever has a piece of your heart but sometimes you gotta #moveforward regardless