What is Emotional Fitness?  This is an idea that I am developing.  Yes – I said it here.  Others may be developing the same concept and I am not aware of it so I apologize in advance.  This concept of Emotional Fitness is something that is so obvious but I have not seen others say it in the manner in which I am about to.

Emotional Fitness is simply a regular practice of the technique or techniques used to ensure optimal emotional balance.

Why is a regular practice of emotion techniques important?  Because the reality with our world is we are continually surround by people and circumstances that have a negative impact to our life.  They can not be ignored. It would be like having a garbage can filled with trash and it is not taken out.  Eventually, it will build up and become out of control.  Yes, you can ignore it and learn to live with it but eventually it will be all consuming.  Now, if the trash was taken out on a regular basis then you would be in control of it.  The trash could be addressed quickly and you could move on to other activities you enjoy.  Same with employing an Emotional Fitness Program.  Using one or a combination of techniques you can quickly address most of the negative / problems that enter into your life.

Here is my favorite analogy that I think is most relate able.  As a society we know in order to be in our desired physical condition we must have a regimen of exercise and diet.  We should have some sort of physical activities 3 – 5 days a week. We need to have eating habits that helps us achieve our health goals or size preference.  What I am saying we need to employ techniques that will allow us to remain in our desired physical condition.

This also translate to being in our DESIRED emotional condition.  I believe being happy, enjoying your life, and stress free are thing we all try to achieve.  In order for anyone to reach this state requires a regimen of emotional technique or techniques.

What exactly are these techniques?  This depends on the individual.  It depends on how much trash (negativity) and they type of trash that needs to be removed.  It depends on their belief system.  What do I do?  It is a combination of EFT, The One Command and Ho ponopono.  In addition, I enjoying hiking for the physical fitness and emotional release I receive.

I will go further into how these techniques work for me in the future. For the time being explore some of the techniques you have used.  This could be exercise, spending time with a favorite activity, things that help you clear the negativity, not just mask it.  Make a list of each of these techniques.  Write down why those have worked.  Then write down the benefits you have received.  This is the first step to your Emotional Fitness Program.

Smile, Sylvia