I can’t believe it’s February and I have not posted since the first! I have been strategizing a bit. Planning, testing it out…and then re planning and testing. Nothing glamorous…Just creating a more balanced and sane life…while pursuing my interesting, taking care of my family, raising the kids, working and moving forward to my goal. Can’t call it a dream because it is real!

So… in the pursuit of all that in a normaly 24 hours, that requires 6 hours of sleep. I have been listening to sounds on youtube…that changes the frequency in which I operate or find myself in. Like I can get angry, sad frustrated…negatively charged. These emotions can cause one to be very unproductive and worst yet, spiral deeper into negativity. So I have found listening to soothing sounds to be a wonderful way to ‘recharge’ and ‘re-energize’ myself.

Here is one playlist I created and started listening to:

There are other Youtube lists and I will share those soon. Click on the “Meditation” category at the right to see the post related to this one. There is a logical behind how noise and it’s vibration can effect you. I wish I had more time to go into it but if you have a great article to reference let me know and I will include it as a resource here.

BTW…as part of my scheming….I decide I will post something every Friday. Let’s hope I don’t have to re plan this one!

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