How to Meditate Tips
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meditation tips and visualization techniques that will improve your meditation and help you get the results you want!

“How to meditate” topic is getting very popular today. In this short video we will talk about what is meditation, we will go over a number of effective ways to improve your meditation and we will also talk about the most effective meditation out there.
First, let’s answer a very simple question – What is meditation? It is quite simple — mediation is a method or technique that helps you clear your mind, find resonance with laws of Nature and get the answers to issues you want to resolve. Meditation helps you to figure out what kind of your actions will be in harmony with Nature and help you improve your life. In simple terms — meditation is a way to communicate with your higher-self or your spirit or your guardian angel if it sounds better for you. What most people know as creative thinking is also a form of a meditation. I am sure that you will find something interesting if you are new to mediation and if you have been meditating for a long time.

The first thing to do when you begin to learn on how to meditate is to find a place & time — where and when you can really relax. Turn off your cell phone, computer, TV and try to make sure that nothing can bother or disturb you at least for some time. Try to find a comfortable place and try to keep your back straight. You don’t have to sit into a lotus position if it is uncomfortable for you — just try to place your body in a relaxing state while sitting with a straight back.

Then try to reduce the number of thoughts in your head and eventually have no thoughts in your head at all for at least 9 seconds. It will allow your mind to relax and finally embrace the surrounding environment. And don’t worry, most likely you will not be able to silence your thoughts from the first attempt – just think about it as a game where you are trying to catch your thoughts and put them to sleep so they can rest for a while. In a way you are involuntarily doing it every night when you go to bed, however when are adding your own will to the game you are accepting the energy-informational game that surrounding environment is always playing with you. By taking an active part in the game you might actually be able to learn the rules and reach better results in your life’s mission.

To make your meditation more effective you can heighten your senses by adding scented sticks and by putting some meditational or relaxing music. Headphones or no headphones is really up to you. Closing your eyes also helps you to concentrate on your inner world — that’s where all your correct answers are. To power up your meditation even more, you can involve the elements like fire, water, earth and air.
Air is simple — you just use the scented sticks – you can also check some air or wind related meditational tracks. Earth and fire can be represented by a beeswax candle. Besides when a beeswax candle is burning it vibrates on the same level as your brain and spine which gives your body the energy to resonate on the higher frequencies. You can also just put a glass of water next to you when you meditate to add the element. The best thing however is to put water into something like a Tibetan bowl, which can also be used to structure the water. The elements that have more representation in your horoscope will assist you more during your meditation – see what horoscope sign are you and what element the horoscope sign falls under.
You can practice meditation every day or at the times when you need some answers from your higher self, however the most powerful meditation is living in your own creativity. Excelling in a trade or a skill through your own creativity is meditating with surplus. It is cooperating with surrounding world to make it better. Use meditation to sharpen your axe if you need to, and then go create something. Perhaps with time you will be able to reach a creative state…when you are meditating while living – you will always know what to do with your life in order to make it more interesting and successful.

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How to Meditate Tips