“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” (Buddha) This specially composed music in the healing Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz is here to assist you with Love on your way to pure, honest, deep and unconditional Self Love. Say Yes to Yourself!

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The Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz is said to be a “Miracle Tone” and the frequency of self love. It can help heal and cleanse old negative energies, activate a positive and spiritual energy cleanse and replace all negativity with positive energy and thereby heal negative experiences from in the past. It helps to restore self-esteem and strengthens self-love.

Solfeggio frequencies form part of an ancient scale that was rediscovered in the early 70’s. They are a tone sequence of special tonal frequencies. Originally used in Gregorian chants for centuries, they recently were brought to everybody’s attention for their healing powers.

Some of the benefits of the 528Hz healing frequency are:

• it elevates consciousness and strengthens self-love
• it brings positive transformation into your life.
• It is a natural frequency resonating with the universe, nature and all living beings.
• it helps for spiritual connection and oneness
• it induces meditative states such as deep inner peace, mental clarity and awareness.
• it is said to heal DNA and harmonise cells

It is said, this miracle tone not only improves your health, it also makes you happy 🤗

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For this meditation music, all instruments have been specifically and carefully tuned to 528Hz. Therefore, the meditation music in this video is an original 528Hz composition and has not been artificially tuned to 528 Hz afterwards. I am convinced that composing music in the original frequency will lead to better results when it comes to deploying the positive energy and benefits of this particular Solfeggio frequency.

Feel free to listen to this “I love myself” 528Hz healing self love frequency meditation music for Love and positive Energy cleanse, with headphones at a moderate level or – if you prefer – just let it flow through open space. As long as it is positive for your body and soul, it will be positive for you.

Love and gratitude

Important Note: Do not listen to music emphasizing particular frequencies if you suffer from epilepsy! If you have any concerns or other health issues you are uncertain of, please check with your medical practitioner prior to listening. Please do not listen to the music on this channel whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind! Although this music can help you to relax, meditate and sleep, it is not taking the place of professional medical and/or therapeutic advice and/or treatment.

Music composed and produced by Pierre Ynad
Title: I Love Myself
Copyright ⓒ 2021 Inner Lotus Music ™. All rights reserved.

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This “I love myself” 528Hz healing self love frequency meditation music for Love and positive Energy cleanse has been composed with Love in the miracle tone and Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz. It can be used as 528 Hz love frequency meditation music for love meditation, 528 Hz self love frequency meditation music for self love meditation, 528 Hz healing frequency meditation music, 528 Hz manifesting frequency meditation music, 528 Hz healing love frequency meditation music, 528 Hz tranquility music for self healing, 528 Hz sleep music, 528 Hz positive energy music, 528 Hz healing sleep music, 528 Hz positive transformation meditation music, 528 Hz Energy cleanse meditation music, 528 Hz manifest miracles meditation music, 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency meditation music, 528 Hz meditation music, 528 Hz sleep music, 528 Hz miracle tone meditation music and for all activities that benefit from 528 Hz self love frequency and energy cleanse miracle tones and Solfeggio frequency meditation music.

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