Kanye West, what he did was simply rude and disrespectful.  No need to discuss that portion of the event anymore.  What I want to discuss is the Jay Leno Interview.  See video below.

The portion of the interview I want to discuss is when Kanye said “My hurt causes someone else’s hurt”…

Let me, digress for a moment.  For the past month, the Universe has continually exposed me to two themes:

1.  The people, surroundings and environment is a direct result and reflection of our conscious and subconscious beliefs.

2.  Inspired action.

Theme number 1 is what I want to illustrate with the Kanye incident.  It is a hard subject to face.  Especially if your heath, wealth, relationships are not where you want them to be right now.  Per the Law of Attraction, It means you are attracting your outer environment and situations. YIKES, YUCK!

The full range and all the angles of this subject could take pages to discuss, and I will in bits as time passes.

Right now I want to point out how Kanye’s words and actions illustrate this.  Simply because he was hurting inside he caused hurtful situations.  Even though his conscious intent is to do good with his life, inside he was hurting. Unfortunately this resulted in hurting someone else and spiraled into the anger and disgust of countless fans.

We all have had situations that have effected us negatively, left a footprint, caused a lifetime of automatic responses.  ie. automatically getting mad or shutting during during stressful situations.

We can all change this by clearing, resetting, healing, dissolving, releasing these beliefs.

I am still working thru my limiting beliefs and hurt.  So when things are not going the way you want.  Consider taking the time to really look at yourself, it may not be easy but it will be worth it.  Look for ways, people, products to resolve and release those beliefs.

Smile+Abundance, Sylvia