What are limiting beliefs? They are conscious and sub-conscious issues you have that keep you from mentally, spiritually, or physically prevent you from achieving your goals, or from moving forward.

Commonly limiting beliefs are known as “issues”. I prefer the term limiting beliefs because it is not referring to an instance or particular experience. It is referring to a negative feeling or belief an individual.

Sometimes you do not even realize you have a limiting belief. Here are two ways to recognize you have limiting beliefs:

1. When you step back and examine your life and realize you repeat the same pattern over and over again, never quite resolving it.

2. You are successful in other areas of your life but there is one area you can not seem to accomplish what you have intended. You always feel held back. or always encounter obstacles.

Personally, I was not able to manifest the financial abundance. I have abundance in the other areas of my life; spiritually, physically, in my relationships, abundance mentally (ok that is subjective but my rainbow shades glasses are always on!). All these have come pretty effortlessly to me and I feel truly bless. Yet I have not been able to obtain nor manifest the level of financial abundance I set out for.

Let me regress for a quick minute. I was always believed in “mind over matter” and “dreams can be achieved”. I was not introduced formally to manifesting until 2003 by a friend who gave me Wayne Dwyer’s “Power of Intention” CD set. It was that course that started me off slowly on studying the Law of Attraction. I knew manifesting was real. I have always been able to attract / manifest the “small” things I needed parking spots, conversations with the right people, news of people I thought about but have not seen in a while and items I needed and wanted.

It took me a bit but I finally realized but I had limiting belief that have kept me from achieving my dream. I had a fear of success! So I have been working on releasing myself from those beliefs and the results have been happening. Step by step with me consistently working on it.

I want to keep the posts short so please come again, as I continue to discuss possible releasing techniques that may interest you.