Meditation Tips & How To Meditate Easier:

So we all know that meditation for beginners can be a little daunting, and some people are left feeling like they can’t meditate. “Why can’t I meditate?” you ask yourself, as you’re sitting there caught up in constant thought, unable to quieten your mind. While the the first of my meditation tips is simply to focus on simply going back to your breathing is most important, there is something you can do to allow for deeper meditation. So I’ll share with you one of my biggest meditation tips for beginners.

In this video I share one of my favourite meditation tips for beginners. This simply tip has made all the difference from me, and allowed me to get much deeper into my meditation, and it’s really simple and easy for anyone to follow.

So if you feel like you can’t meditate, or like you just don’t have the patience for it, then this tip may change everything for you. If you’ve enjoyed my meditation tips and you’d like more meditation tips for beginners and to learn how to meditate properly then you may enjoy my other meditation videos, so subscribe and check them out. I have a whole host of meditation tips and meditation techniques on the channel.

Anyway with regards to probably the simplest and best of my meditation tips, this is all there is to it: Perform a relaxation ritual of some kind before meditating. Normally we come to meditation with a busy and full mind, and so the first part of meditation involves us trying to relax and get into it. So if we only spend 10 minutes meditating, we might spend 5-7 of those minutes just trying to get into it, and only 3-5 actually meditating with any depth. By taking 5-10 minutes to get relaxed beforehand, we can allow ourselves to go a lot deeper during meditation.

How to meditate properly summed up in short:
– Sit comfortably, with eyes open or closed.
– Focus on your breathing.
– Any time you catch yourself caught up in thought, simply return to your breathing.

That’s really all there is to it. So you can’t say that you can’t meditate. Even if constant thoughts come up, your job is just to keep focusing back on your breathing every time you notice yourself caught up in thought.

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed these meditation tips and that they help you out!

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