MID OHM, 136.1 hz: Tuned the Earth regularity the Earth/Ohm Tuner helps to launch stress and also tension in the heart. Use it when your energy is low, you really feel a lack of connectedness, unable to focus as well as focus or feel the have to ground.– When positioned by the ears, on the breast bone, the Ohm Tuner develops deep vibration which is loosening up as well as familiar. Use this tuning fork for equilibrium and well being. Place this tuning fork on joints, muscle mass and also nerve groups to assist kick back the body and launch anxiety.– Includes carry pouch—- Made in the USA by Omnivos Therapeutics– Be certain the "Sold By" info at the top of this web page says Omnivos Therapeutics, others assert to be marketing our high quality tuning forks however are not—- Our professional grade light weight aluminum adjusting forks are made from influence resistance aluminum making it approximately 26% harder as well as providing it a ring time approximately 20% longer than various other manufacturers. It has reduced degrees of impurities with the highest possible rating for surface finish each the Reynolds Aluminum Engineering Study. As are outcome, our product is extra immune to rust and matching.– All of our forks are tuned to within.5% of the indicated regularity at 20 levels Celsius, 68 levels Fahrenheit and goes through a minimum of three assessment procedures to remove imperfections. Other producers tune to as high as 2.5%. Each fork features a bring bag, please note that the bag color could be different than just what you see aware.