This meditation is part of the OSHO Active Meditations, a group of meditation techniques developed by Osho for contemporary people, involving physical activities which lead to an experience of silence and stillness. Osho suggests to start with the body, not trying directly to silence the mind which is almost impossible. These active meditations are “workouts for body and mind” and are based in the understanding that contemporary people cannot just sit down and enter a state of meditation or inner stillness and watchfulness, as our lives and minds are more restless than ever before. The intense physical activity is intentional and vital; it compels, drives and moves our bodies to be alive and natural again and enables us to let go of the endless mental chatter that has become so dominant in our lives.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation lasts one hour and has five stages including intense catharsis, a tool to consciously throw out our anger, violence, madness and other repressed emotions. These emotions are consciously expressed, for our own well-being and also so that we don’t dump them on others. “My second step is a catharsis. I tell you to be consciously insane and whatever comes to your mind – whatever – allow it expression, cooperate with it. No resistance; just a flow of emotions.”

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is a fast, intense, and thorough way to break down old, ingrained patterns in the body/mind that keep us imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind our prison walls. The meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when we become more conscious and alert. You can do this meditation alone, but to start with it can be helpful to do it with other people. It is an individual experience so remain oblivious of others around you. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

The meditation is to be done with its specific OSHO Dynamic Meditation music, composed under Osho’s direction. The music indicates the beginning of each new phase of the meditation and energetically supports each stage. Available as CD and Download:

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Osho explains that the effect of the music in each meditation will create and expand its own energy field over time as it connects with more people, and that over a thousand years the music will form a field of resonance that will deeply affect each person doing the meditation.

” “It takes time – at least three weeks are needed to get the feel of it, and three months to move into a different world. But that too is not fixed. It differs from individual to individual. If your intensity is very great, it can even happen in three days.””
Meditation: The First and Last Freedom, by Osho is an introduction to Osho’s meditations and all OSHO Active Meditations, including much more information about OSHO Dynamic Meditation about which he has spoken extensively. This book is available in different editions and languages:

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Two other videos in which Osho addresses the usefulness and context of this meditation are:
OSHO: The Need for Dynamic Meditation
OSHO: Meditations for Contemporary People

This process includes strenuous physical activity, so if you have any reason to be concerned about the effects of such activity on your health, please consult your physician before trying this meditation.


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