Hi, my name is Lynn Claridge and I am a practicing Psychic Medium. For many years now, I have been teaching people just like you, how they can unleash their psychic ability.

I have used my psychic ability all of my adult life. I now write books and spiritual articles for Internet users as well as conduct personal readings, psychic-counseling and psychic development classes

I remember how desperate and frustrated I felt when I knew deep down what direction I had to take, but could not find a way out of my situation. I knew things others did not, but just did not know how to develop these Psychic Abilities to make a better life for myself. It was suggested to me that I had to understand this ability and I was introduced to a psychic medium that would take me under his wing and he taught me the basics that I have built upon throughout my life.

It was with his knowledge and guidance that I realized everyone has the power to be psychic and everyone has this intuition and ability in one-way or another. It was nothing to be frightened of, it was something to cherish and use.

Do you know that all of us have this ability within us? This includes YOU. It is a proven fact that when you become open to this ability, YOU WILL change your outlook on life and on those around you. I am not talking about the small things in life, I am talking about the bigger picture.

I have written this book for many reasons, however, the most important aspect is to share my insight with others. Furthermore, I am annoyed that there are other books that have been written on the subject by authors who are not even psychic. I look at it this way.

It also annoys me that there are many books available on this subject that are not even written by psychics, that make wild and exaggerated claims about what obtaining this ability can do for you.

The truth is, that by gaining this insight you will not win the lottery. Think about it. If that was the case would not all psychics be multi-millionaires. You will not learn these new-found skills in a week. It has taken me many years to enhance my ability to where it is now and I know I will keep progressing to the day I die.

However, I have been teaching people just like you, for many years, on how to develop and use…