In the law of attraction there is a practice of not letting anything negative into one’s life. Does that mean it is bad to talk, resolve and speak about the negative’s in your life? A situation or person that has rattled your cage?

I honestly think there is a fine line between releasing and complaining. In both instances you verbalize what is bothering you (the story) and your emotions about it, or how it makes you feel. Yes, they may seem to be acknowledging the negative in your life. Yet as humans this has been our habit, we attempt to dissipate the negative in us by releasing it into the universe and unfortunately on others sometimes.

The fine line occurs when after letting these emotions out and recounting the situation. Releasing happens when you can find logic, reason, or even a solution to the complaint. You can work through it and come to a better place emotionally, mentally, physically.

A complaint occurs when you relive it repeatedly. When you are stuck on the negative situation and cannot see anything beyond how you feel. In essence you become a broken record. You relive you emotions and situation repeatedly and this cycle will eventually start you on a negative spiral where you become more negative (law of attraction; attracting the negative). This is when it is not healthy for you and those around you at any level.

Yes, sometimes the situation needs to be retold several times to release it completely. But if you find yourself reliving it over and over without your emotions being diminished or you remain in that negative state; then you know you are complaining.

To release you must have a safe place or a safe person who will hear you out. Who will remain calm while the ranting is going on. Who will help you see perspectives and help you find a solution or a choice.

There are release techniques that I use that just acknowledges the problem and does not try to understand it. These are also effective and work beautifully but it requires a willingness to try it to see if it will work.

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