I have been on a huge exploration and I have not caught everyone up very well.  I wanted to post this before I forgot or got to busy.  As of a week and a half again I am on a journey to explore and clear my chakra.  As the universe's sign that this is the direction to go towards, these lovely emails from Carol Tuttle have been arriving in my email.  Here are her recommendations on clearing a renewing the root chakra.  I will update everyone on my busy-ness soon.  It is all making sense!!!  So much sense and I am so ready to share it!

Healing your ROOT CHAKRA (located at the base of your spine) 
Your Root Chakra holds the energy that influences the dynamics of birth issues, survival 
patterns, generational patterns, money, food and health issues, grounding, and what keeps 
you from belonging.
The color of the Root Chakra is Red. Wear some red this week to heal your First Chakra.
Place your fist on your Root Chakra, which is your groin area. Rotating your fist in a clockwise 
direction will energize the following truths held in your Root Chakra:
I belong because I exist
It is my blueprint to be wealthy and free
I am clear of all energy related to my birth
I am free of generational beliefs that hold me down 
I am grounded and connected and sharing my gifts 
I am grounded and balanced in my First Chakra
Do this everyday for a week and you will shift the energy of your Root Chakra to be in more 
wholeness and to raise its vibrational frequency, which will shift the results you are getting 
in these areas of your life.
As you work with your Root Chakra this week, expect to see a shift in your feelings of belonging, 
to feel the freedom to move forward in your life and purpose, and to see your bank account grow.
Throw some energy into your bank account by closing your eyes and imagining a shaft of light
spilling down on your bank account, filling your account with more dollars. What amount comes
to mind? Imagine that much in your account.

check back!