Have you ever noticed a theme in your life. A change of seemingly random events that points you towards a direction? A string of situations, once you notice, that is telling you to stop, try another way or this is the way!. This happened for me recently.

I found myself lacking motivation because the goal was sooo far off. Yes, yes, I can be driven but for whatever reason, I would put off finishing a website, or one of my self imposed deadlines. It was easy, what is another day of not completing it? And as a result it would be 3, 4, 5, weeks later and nothing would get done. As I do, I try to figure it out and adjust and this was my realization. The final goal was not motivating and too far off. What was this goal? MAKE MONEY!

How could this NOT be motivating? I believe each one of us has a relationship with money, for some it is a good relationship, for others not so good. For me it is the later. I have issues concerning the attention money brings to me and the responsibility of it. Of course these are deeply unconscious issues/beliefs. Yet, consciously I desire it and understand what it can do. So I started to do something different.

I wrote down what it is I REALLY wanted to do with the money. Not a big long list, which would be very easy to do. I wrote a short list so it would not be overwhelming and I could easily focus on it. I wrote down two things I wanted to accomplish:
1. Take a trip to the East Coast
2. Move to a larger home
I also put a deadline on it: 6 months.

Since I work from my house I had to set deadlines for each day. So I set enough deadlines/projects to fill 4 – 5 hours every day, leaving room for the unexpected and the busy work that comes with life. I didn’t fill all 8 hours exactly because the reality of not finishing a goal and not doing it well the first time can be drag you down mentally and physically. Like they said, do it once and do it well.

Every time I was unmotivated to reach one of my deadlines…I would remind myself of this goal and viola; I felt the motivation raise in me and I would take actions. I found myself taking more and more action. Which is a very good thing.

I have been doing this for a week or so and it was time to clean up my email again. I happen to click on a link to a video. Whoa. It was telling me pretty much what I just described. The additional points was to only focus on one project/goal at a time and to create a vision video..

So the Universe affirmated my new routine, I wasn’t look for signs but being able to see signs and to evaluate what is happening to you and around you is important. This is when the 3 hours of ‘open’ time is important. Time to catch up, take a breather, learn new things and evaluate and reflect on what is going on around you.

So my next task is to really focus on a few projects. Not my bad habit of 20 but to seriously narrow it down.

There seems to have been to be many themes in this post so just as a recap:

1. Focus on a singular project…or in my case 2 or 3 (lol)
2. Motivate yourself not with the goal of money but the end goal. What experiences and things that money will give you access to.
3. Listen to the signs around you. Schedule some down time and just reflect and see what is going on around you.

Thanks for stopping by and share any your focus tips below.  Love to read them.