Essential Oils and What it Means

Essential Oils are is and oil that carries a distinctive essence or sent of a plant. The essence of the plant is usually acquired through a process of distillation that extracts the the “oil of” the plant. Essential oils have been used for medical and culinary purpose.

Essential oils shows up in everyday items such as cosmetics, soap and perfume. It is used in food to flavor drinks and food. Essential oils are also commonly used to add a pleasant scent in cleaning products.

Essential oils have also been used medically throughout various points in history. Essential oils or a blend of several different oils have been sold to treat skin conditions and internal problem.

So what perked my interest that in a course of 2 months there are over a dozen different notes (scents). I feel like I might sound a little of my rocker so here it goes. I believe everything has an energy field and it can influence positively and negatively with everything around it, it can change it for the better or the worst. It started because I was working on a 27 day self improvement course and feng shui was incorporated and essential oils also. This got me exploring and finding out some really interesting facts about essential oils, how it can heal ailments, change the energetic vibration around you and the vibration within you.

I learned three main physical facts about essential oils.

1. Different Grades of Essential Oils – There are different grades to describe the quality of the essential oils. Currently there is no governing authority or standard the the industry. There is a very good collection of articles on that explains how to buy essential oils that would be beneficial to anyone want to buy some.  The specific page to start at is:

2. Different Brands of Essential Oils – Not all essential oils are the same. Meaning a bottle of lemongrass essential oil from Company A will not necessarily smell the same as a bottle of lemongrass essential oil from Company B. There are a ton of companies and of course they all claim to be the best. My suggestion is to compare a single oil from a couple of different brands. Check out this great post from by Adrienne Urban from evaluating the different essential oils companies.

3. Different Varieties of the same plant – What??? Yes, more variations there also. An example is lavender:

Lavander (Abrialis) Essential Oil
Lavender (Bulgarian) Essential Oil
Lavender (French) Essential Oil
Lavander (Grosso) Essential Oil
Lavender (South African) Essential Oil,
Egyptian Rose Geranium Essential Oil

So take note if your comparing different bottles to the variety of the plant.

So when researching oils it was really neat to see how inter-linked essential oils is to different parts of the body, chakra, internal function and spiritual energy. When researching information about different essential oils there are so many different facts each one has. Here are some of the facts you can find:
The Latin name
The smell
Which aliment and part of the body it aids
The chakra it relates to
The affect of the aroma on the mind
The affect on the spirit
The impact on emotions

A great site that I really enjoy exploring about the different essential oils have been:  Check it out if your looking for a meaning and history of an essential oil.

Why do I feel essential oils are important? Everyone responds differently to different treatments. Different treatments hit different aspects and senses. I feel some people respond better when a particular area is enhanced/attention given to/addressed. For example, some people learn better if they see a chart, while others learn better when they hear it. Same concept: some heal/improve when their problem is met with treatments or are provide that addresses their subconscious; like positive affirmations or NLP. Others heal when their problems are met with music or positive affirmations that they can hear it. There are those that are healed through EFT and accupressure, where meridians are tapped or needles are use in order to open up meridians in the body to let energy flow.

Essential oils address those that need to be stimulated/cure via smells. It makes sense, when we are imprinted negatively people remember it through a combination of physical, visual and audio memory. There are physical and mental responses. It goes to reason that essential oils can address the sense of smell and cure/improve a person’s vibration, energy or well being.

Remember how good you felt smelling that special flower or smelling your mother’s perfume, or that smells from that special meal? Scents have the power to help us recall memory, hence have the power to change our energy. Single notes and blends, combination of single notes, have been known to make an improvement on people’s lives. So I invite you to try it out.

Let me know what you think. Love and read those comments.