unconditional loveI sometimes feel like I have so much to say, yet I do not know where to start and with what.

I think I will talk about unconditional love. I don’t think that comes around to often in our lives. A mother’s love or a love of a dog.

We often use the word ‘love’ in respects to an object. Like I love that car. In all truth that is more lust and a desire to fill a need, to either validate yourself to yourself or to the world. Note: There is not neccessarily anything wrong with that.

Unconditional love is giving your love and not changing it when the object of you affection does not respond to it, throws it in your face, or hurts you. If it hurts when it is not returned it is because we are looking for validation and we are human. If they keep hurtin you then you should love them from a far. Seriously, I am not advocating throwing yourself at someone who will hurt, use you or abuse your love. Get away and love them from afar!!! Or put it aside in a safe place and move on. True love can be painful

I know a source of unconditional love is from dogs. They love unconditionally.  I became a pet owner 6 or 7 years ago. It was a way to fill a void of two growing boys and a ‘project’ to bring the family together and teach the kids responsibility  Instead I was taught unconditional love and reminded continually of the law of attraction or as I like to call it the law of energy.

I am not the only one that feels this way. The Dagger recently posted and artilce about the unconditional love AND health benefits to having a dog in you life.The Power of Unconditional Love – The Wiggle. Check out the article if you get a chance.

Why is this unconditional love so important to me specifically? Sure it fills avoid. More importantly, it serves as a reminder of how powerful the law of attraction /karma / energeitc vibrations are. The unconditional love offered can be so powerful that it heals and it attracts love back to it. So the energy you send out WILL be brought back. It may take time and sometimes you might question is it really working?

Here is an example, do you know those people who have a ton of confidence? It’s because they love what they are doing, the services they are offering or simply know how to love theselves.

I actually send love out when I feel nervous, am in or around a tense / negative situation. I simply open my heart chakra and send out out green loving energy. It always amazes me how calm things become and how calm I become.

Love is powerful so give unconditional love to all you do. It makes a difference in you and the enviorment around you. Let me know your experiences with this and techniques you might have.

Until next week,