Essential oils are fascinating   Since I am trying to use more natural remedies to aid any aches pains and allergy season has really kicked in…I decided to explore if essential oils cold be used to relive eye issues.  The answer appears to be a YES.  It seems like the top 3 oils to use are:


Tea Tree Oil (Melaluca)


I am definately excited to try these and provide some relief to the dryness and itchiness.  Most likely will not be putting them in my eye, instead will be placing it around my eye.

I will let you know how it turns out.

In the meantime here are the two articles:



7/19/2013 Update

Well allergy season is clearly over and I must say putting lavender and tee tree oil on my eye brow and right under my eyes really did help alleviate the itchiness.  It was like a cool cover had been placed over my eye.  I did put lubricating eye drops in my eyes to help flush anything out and to keep my eyes nice and moist.

Please note, I DIDNOT it put the essential oil in one big circle around my eye.  Reason being, if I forgot what I had done and decided to rub my eyes, putting the oil at the brow and under my eye, prevented the oils from getting into my eye if I had accidentally rubbed them.

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