PictureWe all have dreams and aspirations.  Things that we WANT.  The Wanting Feeling.  At times, the Law of Attraction says WANTing is bad – Is it a FOUR LETTER WORD?  This is confusing no?  Well I have figured out what is attempted to be said.

WANT or WANTING should be used loosely, the meaning that is.  The feeling behind the wanting is what makes it a good or bad.  The feeling is what moves you forward or backwards.  Which ultimately results in if the Universe will send back positive or negative things.

Some words that describe the GOOD feeling behind wanting are GOALS or DREAMS.

Some words that describe the BAD feeling behind wanting is NEEDING or DESPERATION.

WANTING in itself is not bad.  It is the emotion behind it that the Universe corresponds to, that encodes it as good or bad.  So the next time you are WANTING something, pause and ensure the feeling behind it, make sure it is a good feeling and you feel good.

Like the wall pictured above, there is always a good side and bad side.   Which side is good? which side is bad?  The side keeping things in?  If it’s a jail fence then then bad side in the inside since criminals are kept in and citizen remain safe.  Yet, the inside is the good side if the fence is a fortress wall, protecting citizens on the inside safe from attacks.  It always depends on the feeling behind it, the people who project the feelings and their frame of reference.

So think about it.  What is the feeling behind your wanting?  Make sure it is positive so that it give you the boost to always be moving forward!

Till next time.

Smile+Abundance, Sylvia