title202That questions has popped into my head several times today.  Why would you not? If you knew something would work, why would you not do it?

People take medicine because they know it will work.  But the truth is not medicine will not always work for all people and in the same way.

IF this is the case, then why do people even take the chance?  Is it because they believe it will work or has a chance to work?  If this is the case, why is there not the same belief for alternative therapies.  Why is it such a stretch to believe it will work and that if it doesn’t…well, then you were navie.

Here is another perspective. Some medications must be taken in certain conditions; on an empty stomach, with a glass of milk, etc in order for the medicine to work at it’s full poltential.

So when it comes to mediating and energy work, it should not be a surprise that it does not work for some, and especially for those who do not believe in it.  One of the biggest step is to believe it works and to keep experimenting and tweaking until the desired results are achieved.

So what brought this on?  I started a new meditation/advance manifesting cd and was hoping that dh would join me.  No success there yet.  This lead me to…why would you not do this if it works?

What do you think? Am I too out there?  Looking forward to your comments.